Your Accommodation

A wide variety of rooms are available for your convenience,  something to fit every budget. When choosing your accommodation, please indicate two other options, in case your choice is already booked out.  

Rooms are allocated according to your choice, availability and, in the case of course bookings, date of registration. We will do our best to accommodate you according to your wishes, but cannot guarantee this. 

During courses,  the cost of dormitory accommodation is included in the course fee. For rooms other that dormitory a surcharge applies based on the room of your choice. For those booking for a course, you will find the additional room charge.


Single Room/ Private Facilities

 11.20  US$  inc. Breakfast

Comfortable single rooms with private facilities in new buildings  


Standard Double Room/Private Facilities

7.00 US$  Incl. breakfast

Double rooms with private bathrooms in new building.


Superior Double Room/Private Faciltiies


spacious, well apointed double room with private facilities in new building.


Deluxe Double Room/Private Facilities


Well appointed spacious room, some with AC 


Deluxe Suite/Private Facilities

14.20US$ incl. Breakfast

Well appointed room with private sitting room


Single Room/Shared Facilities


Spacious single room in new building, nice bathrooms


Double Room/Shared Facilities


Spaciosu double rooms in new building - bathrooms nearby.


4-Bed Room/Shared Facilities

4.50 US$ incl breakfast

Spacious rooms, bathrooms nearby 


Large Dormitory/ Shared Facilities

3.40 US$ incl Breakfast

These dormitories have six or more beds. This option is only available for introductory courses and November course.


Kopan Monastery
Nepal Buddhist Mahayana Center Gompa

Kopan Monastery FPMT pending affiliation
Foundation for the preservation of the Mahayana Tradition