Accommodation and meal charge at kopan monastery  

Valid from 22 September 2022

Type of Romm B/B US$ Full Board US$ Add. Room charge for courses
Single Room/ Private Facility 12.00 15.80 7.80
Standard Double room/ Private Facility 8.00 12.10 4.10
Superior Double Room/Private Facility 10.00 14.10 6.10
Delux Double Room/private Facility 12.00 16.10 8.10
Triple Room/ Private Facility/three person sharing   7.20 11.40 2.90
Delux Suite/ Private Facilitu/small sitting room 15.00 19.10 11.10
Single Room/Shared Bathroom 7.70 10.40 3.80
Double Room/Shared Bathroom 6.00 9.70 2.10
4-Bed Dormitory/Shared Bathroom 5.00 8.70 1.10

Large Dormitory (per person) (cost of room included in course fee)


3.80 7.10           N/A

Meals (Please note that meals are included in the cost of a course)

Full Board (lunch, dinner, afternoon tea) 3.70    
Lunch 2.40    
Dinner                   1.30    
1. During courses rooms are available on share basis only  
2. Share rooms are available for single use at other times at a surcharge of 50%)  
3. Large dorm bookings are only available in connection with a course booking.  
4. The prices quoted are approximate, depending on the exchange rate at the time of your visit


Kopan Monastery
Nepal Buddhist Mahayana Center Gompa

Kopan Monastery is affiliated with FPMT
Foundation for the preservation of the Mahayana Tradition