Medical Care in the Kopan Clinic

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Lining up to get some tender care

Every morning between 8.30 and 9.30 am there is a rush of small monks running towards the Kopan Clinic. They are lining up in the treatment rooms, to have their small and large ailments looked after.  The ailments range from small scratches and abrasions, to a range of childhood diseases such as mumps, chicken pox, and a head fungus that is widespread in this part of the world. Cases of TB, typhoid fever, hepatitis and similar infections diseases are also occasionally occurring. But with a bunch of kids with too much energy, broken bones are a much more regular occurence.

The Kopan clinic is staffed by three monks, with a visiting doctor three times a week. One of the staff monks is training as a health assistant in a local college at the moment. The clinic has a small lab, an X-ray machine, and a large pharmacy. The lab and x-ray machine are also serving the local community.The clinic building itself has some rooms to accommodate sick and elderly monks, and children with contagious illnesses. The Kopan Clinic has been developing well over the past ten years. 

Children with head fungus

Before being accepted into the monastery the children and young people undergo a health assessment. Once they passed this, they receive some common childhood vaccinations as well as rabies, tetanus and menigintis vaccination.  Due to the very kind Australian couple ,the Kopan clinic is now equipped with a state of the art dental equipment. Not only the Kopan monks and nuns, but also the monks and nuns from the monastery branches receive dental check ups and treatment. The clinic management is in the process of setting up a  schedule of volunteer dentists. All dental personnel are welcome to volunteer their services in the clinic for futher information visit.

For serious cases sick monks are taken to a nearby hospital. One of the clinic staff will stay with the patient to assist with the care, and arrange for food. (In Nepal, hospitals don't provide food for the patients.)

Medical care in Nepal is not as costly as in Western countries. With the introduction of better health care and well equipped hospitals in in Nepal however the cost of health care has increased. Medical bills for around 800 people can be quite substantial. Kopan now has a monthly bill between 2000 – 3000 US$ for medicines and medical treatment for all its residents, monks and nuns alike.

Help us to providing the best possible medical care for our monks and nuns.

  • Medicine - any amount
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  • Hospital treatment                    
  •  Wages of medical staff, lab technician, X-Ray technician 
  • Wages of part-time doctor        
  • or offer any amount towards the expenses of the medical clinic
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