Volunteering at Mount Everest school

Do you have an interest in volunteering?

Contact us  to inquire about upcoming volunteer opportunities! We want to hear from you!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

- English teachers:

We are always looking for retired, qualified male English teachers, who can spend a minimum of three months teaching English grammar, vocabulary, to our senior students and can provide English tutoring to our resident teachers.

- Science teachers

Email us for our detailed job description and conditions:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note: Only native English speaker with extensive teaching back ground need apply. Minimum commitment is three months.


More information for potential Teacher-Volunteers!

While Kopan Monastery does not have an official volunteer program, we would be open to hearing from interested people who meet the following criteria:

-        Teaching background is really a must. All males, of course, since Kopan is a monastery.

-        Someone with an interest in Buddhism, Kathmandu, or Nepal, not necessarily in that order. Kopan is a lovely, peaceful place and a great place to begin or further one’s own Dharrma practice. This is not a requirement, but it might be an obvious advantage for someone who is already on a path.

-        Retired teachers are preferred, though a mature, stable person of any age with teaching experience would certainly be considered.

-        While teaching, each teacher stays for a minimum of  3 months as a guest of the monastery, following all monastery rules. These include No killing, no stealing, no lying, no intoxicants (including tobacco), and no sexual activity.    


 -        Kopan Monastery offers food and accommodation to the right person, with the option of attending one of our residential course.




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