One Month Lam Rim Meditation Course 

The november 2024 course dates and information will be posted in july 2024


A Life Changing Event 

The one month, November Meditation Course at Kopan was established in 1971 by Lama Thubten Yeshe and Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche, the founders of Kopan Monastery and of the FPMT, an organization devoted to preserving and spreading Mahayana Buddhism worldwide. Since then the course has been held every year, attended by thousands of people looking for meaning and happiness in their lives.

The course follows the Tibetan Gelug Tradition of Buddhism, and is based on Lama Tsongkhapa's Graduated Path to Enlightenment - the Lam Rim, one of the most important texts of the Gelug Tradition.



Course Content

The course is based on the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, which form a complete and gradual spiritual path (Lam Rim), leading to ultimate happiness and enlightenment. Through cultivating an awareness of our present condition we gain an understanding of the nature of our dissatisfaction and unhappiness, the causes of these states of mind and how we can overcome them. Many of the ideas presented will be new and sometimes contrary to your beliefs, we request you to come with an open mind and a willingness to analyse, question and contemplate the teachings.

This is an experiential course and it takes courage and patience to take it, most people that attend are touched by the teachings at a very deep level. It takes courage because you will see yourself and reality in a new and different way, and patience, because it takes time to change old habits. Developing a good heart, learning to be more tolerant and loving, takes time.

The course includes Buddhist teachings, meditations, discussion groups, talks by other Lamas (Tibetan teachers), moments of full silence and pilgrimages.






COURSE teacher


Venerable Steve Carlier was the November 2023 Course teacher. 







Course details 


The course fee includes all meals, accommodation in a dormitory and a free book.



Students can also choose staying in single, double or triple rooms with private or shared facilities. There is an extra charge for these type of rooms, please click here and use the red column to know the daily room charges, you will need to add these to the Flat Course Fee. When you do your booking, please choose your room preferences in accordance with your budget based on this list. We cannot guarantee you will be accommodated in your first room choice; rooms are allocated by order of booking and are confirmed upon arrival.


Arrival & Departure

Check-in time is on 1st November from 9am to 3.00pm at the latest. The first session is at 5.30 pm, please make sure to be here at that time.

We highly advice you to come two or three days earlier to settle in, and leave one or two days later. To check the extra cost of these days please click here. Our reception opens at 9 am and closes at 5.00 pm, arrivals are due to be done only within these times. 

The course concludes on 30th November with lunch.

Students can choose to join the Lam Rim full silence meditation retreat from 4th to the 11th of December, bookings can be done at Kopan upon arrival.

Experienced students can join the Three Months Vajrasattva Retreat from 20th of January to 20th of April 2024. Bookings are to be done separately, click here to apply.



Your daily schedule begins at 5.30 am and finishes at 9 pm. Participants are required to attend all session, attendance to all sessions is compulsory. Silence is kept from 9 pm until after lunch the next day.

Mobile phones and other internet connectable gadgets need to be checked in at the reception for the duration of the course, read more on course discipline.

During your stay at Kopan, please follows our strict dress code, check if you are dressed appropriately for a monastic environment.

Find a template of the schedule here.



Students that have been accepted into the course, will be asked to make a non-refundable deposit of US$ 250 to secure their place. Information about the deposit will be sent by email, one month after being accepted into the course. 

The rest of the payment can be done upon arrival, we accept Nepalese Rupees, US$ and credit cards. There is an ATM cash machine just outside the monastery.


Extra information - please click:

- Kindly read the: Course Discipline

- Please make sure you are properly dressed for a monastic enviroment: Dress guidelines

Meals: All our meals are vegetarian (sorry, the kitchen is not able to cater for special dietary needs, such as vegan, no-wheat, no-dairy, lactose or gluten free diet)

Arriving to Nepal/Kopan, visas, what to bring, etc

What to do at Kopan



The teachings and practices will be all in English. We will be offering translations in Spanish, and in dependence on demand and the availabilty of translators, to other languages. The booking form will include the question if students will need translation.



No gadgets connected to the internet are allowed, expections are given for emergencies or in the case students need to check their phones for important family matters. Please give our email address to your family to contact us, we will pass on the message.


Covid Policy 

- You do not need to be vaccinated. 
- Even if you are vaccinated, please have a rapid test (RAT) done one hour before arriving to Kopan. If you test positive kindly refrain from coming until you test negative.
- Please bring a few rapid tests (RAT) from your country of origin, they are very difficult to get them in Nepal.
- Use a mask during your trip and avoid contagion.
- We are still getting Covid cases at Kopan Monastery from foreign students coming from all around the world. Please follow the above instructions and help us to protect our community and the course participants.
- We recommend medical insurance - Medical services in Nepal if required are expensive for foreigners.


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