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You might you already know the kind of puja you would like to request, as you have already asked your teacher or a lama for advice on what pujas are beneficial for your purpose.

In this case you can go directly to the puja list below, where you will find a selection of the most commonly requested pujas together with the cost.

Make sure to include the dedication and name of the beneficiary and send it to us. This puja will be performed one time only, with the special dedication as requested by you.

We will confirm the puja with you and also will notify you when the puja has been done.

* If the puja you have been advised to do is not in this list, please contact us directly by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with your request. We will then send you a quote for the puja(s) and arrange them as soon as we have received payment from you.

Here is a list of pujas you can order and pay directly.

Medicine Buddha Puja (short)  US$ 73
Medicine Buddha Puja  (long)    US$ 103
4 Mandala Offering to Cittamani Tara  US$ 73
Namgyal Tsechog Puja  US$ 73
Chasum Puja  US$ 16
Praises to the 21 Taras  US$ 32
Gyabshi  Puja                         US$ 42
Incense Puja                            US$ 29
Dukkar - White Umbrella Puja  US$ 42
Drukchuma Puja                      US$ 16
Shernying Dudog Puja            US$ 42
Protector Tea offering            US$ 16
Monlam Namgyel - 8 Auspicious Prayers  US$ 73
Tashi Tsekpa   US$ 31
Recitation of Middle Length Prajnaparamita   US$ 73
King Of Prayers Recitation  US$ 28



Select a Puja below:
Monlam Namgyel - Eight Auspicious Prayers

The 8 Auspicious Prayers are a collection of aspirational prayers. It contains the King of Prayers, the Prayer to Maitreya Budda, Prayer for Rebirth in a Pure Land and others

It is usually recited for the deceased, to ease their passage through the bardo and to achive a good rebirth.

It is ften recommended to be recited once a week during the 49 day period.

Cost:   US $ 73

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King of Prayers

The King of Prayers is a well know prayer composed by Shantideva. It is usually recited for the deceased, or just after someone passed away, to ease their passage through the bardo.

The King of Prayers will be recited several times times by the monks in their morning puja.

Cost:   US $ 28


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Recitation of Prajnaparamita Text

Gyetongpa - middle length Prajnaparamita

The Prajnaparamita text contains the Wisdom Teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, else in the extensive form, middle length or short version.

The recitation of any of these texts bring great merit and as such it helps to overcome big obstacles for health or wealth,  and specially if one has life obstacles.


Cost:   US $ 73


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Tashi Tsekpa

Noble Stack of Auspiciousness - A Mahayana Sutra

This sutra is often recited before beginning of any major activity, specially if the day on which one had to initiate the activities is unfavorable or in auspicious or bad omen etc. for example starting any  construction, moving into a new house or building, starting a new business or journey, wedding, giving birth, funeral ceremony and cremation etc.

Cost:   US $ 31


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Also called Four mandala Offering To Cittamani Tara, this puja is requesting Mother Tara to protect us from all negativities, bring success, especially for family, relationship, success of business, Career, health and protect from all kinds of fears.

It is one of the most commonly recomme3nded pujas


Cost:   US $ 73


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Tea offering to any of the protectors helps to remove obstacles to one's success. Can be done to Palden Lhamo, Mahakala, etc.

Cost:   US $ 16


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A Protector Puja

This short practice consisits of making three sets offering of to the harm givers and requesting them not to harm us, but and instead to help. This puja can be helpful if someone suddenlyexperiences suddenly harms, or suffers unbearable pain. It is very benefical to do before   major surgery etc.

Cost:   US $ 16


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A Protector puja

During the Drukchuma puja torma offerings are made to Yamanataka and Kalarupa to clear away heavy obstacles wile making heartfelt request to Yamantaka and Kalarupa.

Cost:   US $ 16


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Most of the incense in our shop is hand made by the nuns working at the incense workshop of Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery. The incense is of highest quality, using only pure natural ingredients. We offer a sticks and powedered incense with fragrances to suit every nose. Lama Zopa Rinpoche told the nuns that he prefers the nunnery incense, as it is the most pure one. That is our highest recommendation.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche says about offering incense: 
"When we make offerings of incense (in powder or stick form), flowers, food, etc., recite the following mantra twenty-one times and then offer them to the Three Jewels: NAMAH SARVA TATHAGATHA AVALOKITE OM SAMBHARA SAMBHARA HUNG ... it becomes divine (of the divine substance of the Buddha) with the blessing of this mantra."

Cost:   US $ 29


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A Protector Puja

The lineage of this puja derives from Buddha to Chenrezig to Lodoe RinchenSerlingpa, Atisha, Dromtonpa and many more Kadampa Lamas. The puja is done with the recitation of the Heart Sutra, contemplating on its meaning. This particular puja is effective to overcome all sorts of harm by human and non human beings. Since they all occur due to our superstitious thoughts, meditation on emptiness is best antidote to overcome such thoughts. It is used to remove internal and external interferences  due to spirit harm.

Cost:   US $ 42


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Gyabshi literary means four sets of hundred offering. Itis consisting offering  of 100 tormas, 100 replicas of a human figure, 100 lights and 100 images of holy objects. When sentient beings are harmed by the four evil forces, Buddha hooked them on the tip of his fingers and made them take pledge not to harm sentient beings and in return promised to make offerings to them. By making these offering and reading out the prayers of truth of the Buddha, it reminds the negative forces of the pledge they made in Buddha's presence, to help sentient beings to overcome or decrease obstacle etc.


Cost:   US $ 42


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Namgyal Tsechog Long life puja is ususally recommended to those whose life seems in dangers. It has the effect of purifying the accumulated negativities of all sentient beings and helps to expands one's life span, and recovery from serious disease. It also helps the extinction of the suffering of hell beings from heat and cold, thirst and hunger of hungry ghost beings, and the suffering of re-birth as beast of burden and exploitation for animals.

Cost:   US $ 73


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Most commonly this puja is performed to assist in the recovery of illness, or an operation. It is also done to achieve higher rebirth for the deceased.

The Medicine Buddha Puja can be performed extensivly, with the requests to Medicine Buddhas donseven times to each of the Buddhas. Additonal prayers are said for the dedication of the merit.

The same puja can be performed in a shorter version as well.

By creating extensive merit through the performance of the puja, Medicine Buddha puja is also very helpful to bring success in all activities, for example work related.

Short Medicine Buddha Puja                          Cost: US $ 73

Extensive Medicine Buddha Puja                   Cost: US $ 103

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White Umbrella Sutra

Also called Dukkar

This sutra is very powerful to clear away heavy hindrance to health such as spirit harm black magic and other non human harms and any kind of health related issues.

Cost:   US $ 42


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Also called Green Tara Puja, thePraises to the 21 Taras are a powerful and effective prayer to Mother Tara.
Each one of the twenty-one Taras represents a different aspect of the wisdom energy of mother Tara. That is why the recitation of the praises to the 21 Taras fulfills all wishes, be it for success in life, or in business, to be free of fear, to have a child.

It is especially recommened in all family matters, but also for general success.
Cost:   US $ 32


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