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Discover Buddhism at Kopan Monastery, and change your view on life and your fellow beings. Get in touch with an ancient tradition that has brought peace and happiness to numberless people throughout the centuries. Learn meditation techniques that will help you to be more calm and focused when engaged in your day to day activities. Meet new friends - people from all over the world come to these courses, and life long friendships have started here.

Introductory courses are scheduled throughout the year, ranging from the 10 day Discover Buddhism courses to more topic orientated short courses, which give you an deeper insight into one particular topic.

Choose from these courses:

The Discover Buddhism courses give you an overview over Tibetan Buddhist principles and meditations in the form of the Lam Rim,  the complete path to Enlightenment.  They are offered as a ten-day or seven-day course. The ten day course includes a two day silent retreat, perfect to get experience in meditation in a supportive, conducive environment. Or choose the 7-day course which might suit your time frame better. Also offered are some 5-day courses for those who only have a short time available.

The 5, 7 or 10-day Discovering Buddhism courses are the first stepping stone towards attending intermediate and advanced course.

The How to Meditate course introduces you to various types of meditation, and visualisations, and lets you experiencence meditation directly in a simple and fresh way

The Four Noble Truth course introduces you to Buddhism from the perspecitive of the first teaching that Sakyamuni Buddha gave to his disciples, which lays out the principles of Buddhist philosophy  from four perspectives :

Truth of Suffering, Truth of Origin of Suffering, , Truth of Cessation, Truth of the Path . This is  also called the Turning of the Wheel of Dharma.

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