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Kopan Monastery is still closed for all visitors; no course programs are offered in 2021. We hope to be able to start our regular course program in spring 2022.

The three month Vajrasattva Retreat is offered again this year for qualified students. See the details here Read more

During the recent floods in Nepal many people have died, property and harvest destroyed. Join the the "Kopan Helping Hands" project to help these people: Read more
Make a donation for this worthy project right here: Read more


'If you look closely at and contemplate deeply the people and things that appear around you,

You can see that all are in constant flux. Everything becomes a teacher of impermanence'

Excerpt from "Meditations on the Ways of  Impermanence"

The purpose of retreat is deepening the understanding of Dharma through intensive contemplation and integrating it into one's mind stream, in an quiet place. Undisturbed by worldly activity, the mind has the opportunity to turn inward and explore our inner world.

Kopan support experienced practitioners as well as beginners for retreat. You can attend one of our group retreats, or do your own retreat.  

Group Retreats

Group retreats are part of the yearly course program. These retreats are lead by experienced teachers. Students might be accepted by application only and special conditions may apply. Please find out more on the requirements as well as application form for these retreats below by clicking on the title of the retreat.  

Private Retreat

If you wish to do a private retreat, please note that we support mainly retreats in the Tibetan traditions. Due to limited retreat space, we give preference to FPMT students. Click on the 'Private Retreat' tab for more information on this. If you haven't done a retreat before, we advise to join one of the group retreats, at Kopan or any other center. 


Kopan Monastery
(Nepal Buddhist Mahayana Center Gompa)

Kopan Monastery is affiliated with FPMT
(Foundation for the preservation of the Mahayana Tradition)