Private retreat

"The purpose of retreat is deepening the understanding of Dharma through intensive contemplation and integrating it into one's mind stream, in a quiet place. Undisturbed by worldly activity, the mind has the opportunity to turn inward and explore our inner world. "

Retreat for Buddhist practitioners means something very special, a complete focus on your own mind while performing prayers and practices of different kinds.

In Tibetan Buddhism, knowledge is the basis for retreat. Having studied the teachings, retreat gives the opportunity to contemplate the topics in more detail. To have a successful retreat, Dharma knowledge is necessary. It also helps to have been advised by ones teacher to do a retreat. Although it is not a requirements to have taken Buddhist refuge, having taken refuge can be helpful in setting motivation and determination for the retreat clearly in one's mind.


important notes

1. If you are new to Buddhism, we recommend that you first attend one of our introductory courses to create the basis for retreat. Following this,  you are welcome to talk to our resident meditation teacher to receive advice on how to properly do your retreat.

2. Kopan does not have the facilities or support system for Mindfulness or Vipassana Goenka retreats.  We recommend that you contact the Burmese Center in Lumbini or the  Goenka Vipassana Center in Nepal.

3. If you are planning to come for self-study, writing, some time for reflection or similar, this option of private retreat is not for you. In this case please book for a private stay.


short retreats

Students can do a short personal retreat, minimum 10 days, with a set schedule of three/four sessions of Tibetan Buddhist practice per day, such as preliminary practices, deity practice, Lam Rim meditations, etc. 


Long Retreats

Experienced students following Tibetan Buddhism, can do a longer retreat, minimum one month. 


cost and accommodation 

Kopan offers a monastic enviroment very condusive for serious retreat. Retreatants are normally accommodated in Retreat House - Samten Ling. Kopan Monastery has been blessed by many high lamas who did retreat here. Although it is not completely quiet, there is an atmosphere of stillness and peace that makes it very suitable for practice.
The Retreat House has apartment style accommodation, with a small kitchenette, a meditation room and a living room, at a cost of 20 US$ (including food) per day. For longer retreats than one month, a discount is available. The rooms are large enough for prostrations. 
Preference will be given to those who have already done courses or retreat at Kopan or have been advised by their teacher to do a retreat. During our busy course time we might not be able to accept your request.


General Information

Kopan has facilities for water bowl retreat, Dorje Khadro, and other preliminary practices. You will need to inform us well in advance if you wish to do these kinds of retreat.

We also welcome students for tantric retreats under certain conditions.

You are requested to follow the general guidelines during your stay at Kopan.

Kopan's private retreat facilities include:

·       Peaceful retreat rooms  

·       Three vegetarian meals per day, safe drinking water

·       Excellent library

·       Meditation cushions, water bowls and other retreat supplies available

·       Friendly staff who will respect your retreat silence.

·       Spiritual and emotional support if needed.

·       Setting up boundaries and blessing the retreat room by experienced monks

·       Fire puja facilities and help with preparation of the retreat

Please note: Kopan does not offer self-catering facilities! Tea making facilities are provided.

The Monastery reserves the rights to ask students who do not follow the rules or prove in other ways to be disturbing to leave the monastery.



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