foundation service seminar 

for anyone wishing to offer service in the FPMT 

21 to 26 september 2023  




“We need training in our outward dealings with people, to be more kind and compassionate. For example people receive a lot of training in customer care. FPMT students need that too.” Lama Zopa Rinpoche, September 2016
Kopan Monastery is the home of the FPMT organization, and of Lama Zopa Rinpoche, it's very precious to host a FPMT Foundation Service Seminar right after the Light of the Path Retreat. We hope that this scheduling makes it easy and more affordable for FPMT students to participate in both.
The Foundation Service Seminar (FSS) explores how best to offer our skills and qualities in service. It provides a firm basis to serve effectively and joyfully within the FPMT organization by developing a shared understanding of the FPMT mission and how that translates into action for centers, projects, services, study groups and individuals. 
For anyone serving as a director, SPC, co-ordinator, manager, board member, staff, or volunteer the FSS is a great opportunity to connect with the FPMT family and be inspired by the vast vision of our teachers.  Older students and volunteers who have participated in the FSS have felt re-energized by it. The FSS is an opportunity to experience Lama Yeshe’s “family feeling” and to prepare the next generation of directors, SPCs, board members, staff and volunteers.  
During this seminar we explore: ways to develop our personal practice in the midst of service; our relationship to resources; communication skills; conflict resolution; teaching according to the level of the student; and methods to prevent burnout.  We discuss service in terms of Guru devotion, karma, compassion, and emptiness, learning how to draw strength, inspiration, and guidance from these practices. We learn how to use the Inner Job Description, a tool for developing what Lama Zopa Rinpoche calls the “inner professional” for integrating the Dharma into our daily lives.
The FSS includes group discussion & activities, sharing of experiences, and is 'retreat like', including daily meditations and group practice as advised by Lama Zopa Rinpoche.
Please do encourage at least one person from your center, project, service or study group to attend this FSS at Kopan.

Details of the seminar

SEMINAR DATE: 21 to 26 September 2023

SEMINAR FACILITATORS: François Lecointre - Chief Operating Officer of FPMT International Office & registered FSS facilitator AND Annelies van der Heijden - FPMT Service Seminar Coordinator



The fee includes the facility fee, all meals, accommodation in a dormitory and the FSS materials.

Participants can also choose staying in single, double and triple rooms with private or shared facilities. There is an extra charge for these type of rooms, please click here and use the red column to know the daily room charges, you will need to add these to the Flat Seminar Fee. When you do your booking, please choose your room preferences in accordance with your budget based on this list. We cannot guarantee you will be accommodated in your first room choice, rooms are allocated by order of booking and are confirmed upon arrival.

Check-in time is from 9 am to 3.00 pm on the 21 September, at the latest, the introductory session is at 5.00pm. You are welcome to come one or two days earlier, and leave one or two days later. To check the extra cost of these days please click here. Our reception opens at 9 am and closes at 5.00 pm, arrivals are due to be done only within these times. The seminar concludes on 26 September with lunch.

During your stay at Kopan, please follows our strict dress code. Check if you are dressed appropriately for a monastic environment.

IN THE BOOKING FORM: Please include which center, study group or project you are part of and what is your role.


Covid Policy 

- You do not need to be vaccinated. 

- Even if you are vaccinated, please have a rapid test (RAT) done one hour before arriving to Kopan. If you test positive kindly refrain from coming.

- Bring a rapid test (RAT) with you in case of necessary future testing.

- We recommend medical insurance - Medical services in Nepal if required are expensive for foreigners.



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