Mindfulness In daily living


A Transformative Course based on the 16 Guideliness to Happiness

Led by Ven. Carla Pearse

How can we develop meaning and peace in everyday life? How do we remain aware of our experiences when our days are busy with work, conversation, family and friends?

In this ten day courset,  Ven. Carla introduces ways to examine your life and enrich it with a greater sense of balance, compassion and freedom.

Renowned for her unconventional approach, Ven. Carla Pearse uses interactive techniques  integrated with mindfulness to create a stronger awareness of our own habits and actions.

The 16 Guidelines are a practical framework for living in a way that genuinely benefits oneself and others.

Find out more about the 16 Guidelines  and the philosophical themes that underlie them here:


This is a secular course, open to anybody with interest in living a more meaningful and happy life. Booking is required.

Course Date: August 1 - 11, 2017

The course starts at 5 pm on August 1, and finishes at lunchtime on August 11.

Course Leader: Ven. Carla Pearse

Course Cost:160 US$

The course fee includes all meals, accommodation in dormitory and course material.

Please note: Rooms other than dormitory are charged according to the price as advertised.

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Kopan Monastery
(Nepal Buddhist Mahayana Center Gompa)

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