Transforming problems

A 5 day meditation retreat

An Intermediate Level Course based on the a Lojong Text

by Dodrupchen Jigme Tenpai Nyima

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.Every single one of us wants happiness and doesn’t want suffering, or problems. But even though we don’t want to experience problems, they are unavoidable, especially in these increasingly difficult times. With the practical techniques taught in lojong, which literally means “mind training,” we can learn to see our problems in a different way and even come to welcome them.

The reason we are able to transform our problems into happiness is that everything comes from the mind. Our happiness and our suffering are dependent upon our own mind, upon our own interpretation of situations, and not upon anything external. Since this is the case, we can transform our mind so that we come to view everything in our life, even our problems, as positive.

This 5-day course will be based on the short lojong text Instructions on Turning Happiness and Suffering into the Path to Enlightenment by the great yogi Dodrupchen Jigme Tenpai Nyima. The primary focus will be on learning to change our view of problems from negative to positive, from being something we dislike to something we like. This radical change comes about through seeing the advantages of problems, especially in relation to following a spiritual path. In the words of Dodrupchen Rinpoche: “It is the most priceless teaching in the world and a useful tool for spiritual life.”

The course will focus mainly on meditaton with some teaching and discussion.

Course Date:   March 22 - 27

Course Leader: Ven. Tenzin Chonyi

Course Cost: 110US$

The course starts on March 22 and finishes with lunch on March 27

Check in time is 3pm on the first day.

The course fee includes all meals, accommodation in dormitory and course material.

Please note: Rooms other than dormitory are charged according to the price as advertised.

This is an intermediate course and you are expected to be familar with Buddist terms and concepts.


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