Transforming problems

A 5 day meditation retreat

An Intermediate Course based on the 8 Verses of Thought Transformation

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How often have you been caught in a trap because your emotions got the better of you? We want to be happy, to have just the good emotions, but over and over again, disturbing emotions get in the way. Why does this happen? What does Buddhism have to say about this that can help you to be happy, constructive person in your community?

Lojong literally means "thought transformation" or "mind training" -- a unique group of practices related to the training of one's mind through the generation of bodhicitta and living one's life in accord with the principles of a bodhisattva. One of the main characteristics of this practice is the skillful transformation of circumstances which might normally be considered adverse or harmful into conditions favorable to one's life and one's practice.

This 5 day course is based on a text composed by Kadampa Geshe Langri Tangpa (1054 -1123)  called The Eight Verses of Thought Transformation . The verses are as relevant to today's emotional problems as they were in the eleventh century.

The eight verses lead us through a process of turning away from destructive thought patterns and behavior, to more positive, constructive ones. Usually we put the root of our problems outside ourselves, onto others. These verses turn that idea upside down to give us radically new ways to find inner peace and quality relationships. The course will focus mainly on meditaton with some teaching and discussion.

Course Date:   October 30 - November 4

Course Leader: Ven. Yarphel

Course Cost: 150 US$

The course starts on October 30 and finishes with lunch on Noverember 4

Check in time is 3pm on the first day.

The course fee includes all meals, accommodation in dormitory and course material.

Please note: Rooms other than dormitory are charged according to the price as advertised.

This is an intermediate course and you are expected to be familar with Buddist terms and concepts.


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